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Air Assist Flocking Applicators
Air Assist Flocking Applicators

Designed to be used with an air compressor at 10 to 15 pounds of air pressure. Works with just the squeeze of a trigger 1 qt. metal canister included Additional canisters available Great for flocking a large amount of decoys fast!
    Sku: AIR ASSIST FLOCKING APPLICATORS Browse Category: Accessories
Large Sifter Applicator
Large Sifter Applicator

This 6" Sifter works great for applying flocking fibers. For more info of how to apply, check out our instructions which feature tips and tricks as well as easy to follow steps.
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    Sku: LARGE SIFTER APPLICATOR Browse Category: Accessories
Mini Flocker
Mini Flocker

Mini Flocker
    Sku: MINI FLOCKER Browse Category: Accessories
Squeeze Applicator
Squeeze Applicator

This applicator is ideal for use with flocking refills. This applicator is included with all of our flocking kits. There are no appicators included with refills.
    Sku: SQUEEZE APPLICATOR Browse Category: Accessories
Displaying 1-4 of 4 Found.
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